A Little Bit of Calm

As a farmer I spend every evening locking my animals away for the night. This evening I noticed that as the sun was dropping below the horizon the sky had turned a beautiful shade of red. I allowed myself a few minutes to soak in the landscape.

The moon was already working it’s way across the sky and was shining brightly. The trees on the hills around, still leafless, were silhouetted against the pale blue background of the sky, like giant sculptures. The air was turning colder, now that the sun had gone, but it smelt fresh and there was a slight hint of wood smoke lingering. The birds were participating in their evening chorus and the haunting cry of a Tawny Owl drifted through the twilight.

I felt at peace, calm and relaxed, enjoying the “show” that was going on all around me, stimulating all of my senses.

This cacophony of sound, sight and smell occurs every day and yet I don’t always notice it. And it’s not just happening where I am. It’s all around each of us, if we only took the time to “PAUSE”.

Learning to be present in the moment is an essential part of living a Healthy Life. It eases worry and stress. It allows us to realise that we are a small part of a much bigger spectacle going on around us. It does us no good to live constantly in the past or in the future.

We need to learn to be fully present NOW.

And as most things I teach in my Healthy Living Online Course, it is a skill that can be learnt, a good habit that can be formed.

Try stopping for just a couple of minutes and allow yourself to be absorbed in your landscape. Let your senses run free, soak it all up, notice everything and allow yourself a little bit of calm.

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