When life feels "out of control" we learn to do one thing - SURVIVE.  A life in chaos elevates our stress levels, causing physical, mental and even emotional pain.  We lose all sense of meaning, purpose and identity.  Our goal is to get through the day, by telling ourselves that maybe things will be different one day.

But CHANGE rarely happens without us being INTENTIONAL with our ACTIONS.

12 years ago my wife and I decided that we couldn't continue to live life the way we were.  It was simply unsustainable.  Life was so busy that we realised we no longer knew who we were.  That decision was the start of a journey towards living a more simple, fulfilling life.

And I know that may sound "out there" in some ways, but it wasn't at all.  We made a decision to be more INTENTIONAL in the way that we lived ALL OF LIFE, every part of it.

How have things changed in 12 years?

  • Life is way less stressful.
  • We no longer pursue the accumulation of “stuff”. We can live and be perfectly content with way less than we imagined.
  • We have time to pursue our passions and dreams.
  • We have spent time learning about ourselves, discovering who we really are, what makes us tick and have shaped our lives around our passions. This has brought meaning, purpose and fulfilment to our lives.
  • We have uncovered our true identities and are able to take those identities into everything we are involved in. We have greater confidence knowing that we are secure in who we are.

So, what about you?

You only have one life and right now, at this very moment in time you find yourself HERE, reading this page, because you have a desire, a longing to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, REDISCOVER YOUR DREAMS AND UNDERSTAND YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE.

You may not realise how big a step that is – to actively search for help to change.  Many people know that they need to do something but don’t have the motivation to even take that first step.  So well down for getting this far.

Now, your first step has led you here, to us and this Life of Rhythm Program.

Change is never easy and we’ve had our fair share of struggles over the years. We’ve taken 3 years to put this program together with the hope that it will help people such as yourself find the journey towards change a little easier.

The “Life of Rhythm” Program is a 5 week journey towards changing your life. You will learn how to transform the way you think, about everything, be challenged to develop some healthy practices in your life which will be key to real change and you will be encouraged to examine yourself deeply. Unearthing our purpose and true identity can only be done when we learn to take time to listen to ourselves.

If you're serious about CHANGING your life, then choose to be INTENTIONAL with your ACTIONS and ENROL on our FREE 5 DAY TRIAL "START YOUR JOURNEY" NOW.  There's no obligation to take things further, and we promise not to bombard you with emails.  It's offers a great foundation from which to build if you choose to continue journeying with us.