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"A pilgrimage is a devotional practice consisting of a prolonged journey, often undertaken on foot or on horseback, toward a specific destination of significance. It is an inherently transient experience, removing the participant from his or her home environment and identity. The means or motivations in undertaking a pilgrimage might vary, but the act, however performed, blends the physical and the spiritual into a unified experience."
“A pilgrimage is a journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion; as to pay homage.”

" A Pilgrimage is not a time for detachment, rest, or pampering, rather it is a time of deep reflection, modesty, and prayer. I
t is a calling; it reminds us of our responsibility to our faith as disciples of Jesus. On a Pilgrimage, we encounter God in the very places where He has revealed himself. A Pilgrimage is challenging – it takes us out of our comfort zone and can incorporate tedious travel or navigating difficult terrain. It is a transformational experience that changes lives and brings us closer to our faith in ways we could never imagine through sincere and concentrated prayer."

Following some of Dartmoor's ancient paths, often used by the monks from the four monastic houses built around the edge of the moor, we will visit a number of stone crosses, placed to mark the safest path across the moor. We will soak up the history and atmosphere of this ancient, rugged landscape, taking time to pause, to reflect, to pray, to "remind ourselves of our responsibility to our faith as disciples of Jesus."

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An additional email will be sent within 24 hours, confirming all the walk details, kit list and directions to the meeting point.

DOGS - Please contact me before bringing a dog as some walks and activities may not be suitable.

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Guided Walks on Dartmoor - Pilgrimage Walk

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