Dartmoor Guided Walks

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Join me on one of my unique Dartmoor Guided Walks.

If you’re finding life chaotic and stressful then why not take some time out to join me as we walk the wild, beautiful, rugged landscape that is Dartmoor.

Being outdoors is proven to be one of the best ways to de-stress and each of my walks is individually tailored with a specific emphasis on health and well being.

Combining historical information and simple practices we will navigate the wilds of Dartmoor “slowly”, taking time to be present in the landscape, calming our minds, bodies and souls.

Dartmoor is a beautiful, rugged landscape, with a rich history. It’s s great place to escape to. Spending time in the wild can be truly freeing for our minds, bodies and souls.

Here are some of the different walks I can offer –

  • De-Stress and Mindfulness Walk
  • Retreat Walk
  • Pilgrimage Walk
  • Discovering Your Identity Walk
  • Family Walk (Wild Church)
  • Men’s Walk
  • Women’s Walk
  • Team Building
  • Bespoke – I can create a walk that will cater for your individual or group/team needs. Whether it be a team needing some time out, or creating space to allow discussion around a particular issue that needs to be addressed, or simply a family that wants to spend time together.

Each walk has an individual theme, and there is always room for questions, discussion, the learning of simple practices, basic bushcraft skills etc. If you have something in mind then please CONTACT ME and we’ll have a chat about it.

Here are some comments from people who have joined me on a walk

We had such a great experience on Dartmoor with you Si, thank you. It was a very special time to connect with one another, learn about the incredible history of Dartmoor and spend time enjoying such a magnificent place on paths we never knew existed. You put so much thought and care into every element of the whole walk. we can’t wait to join you again soon! Thank you.

Laura – Family Walk – Wild Church

Loved the whole experience. Having the space, combined with your gentleness and considered approach, really supported me to enjoy and receive. I most definitely felt like I’d been on a retreat. For at least three days afterwards I felt chilled, relaxed and so much more reflective than usual. Thank You,

Chris – Retreat Walk